How many times should I brush my teeth?

When is the Best Time to Brush?

Generally, dentists advise twice-daily brushing for several minutes, twice a day. But when is the best time in the day to brush?
The answer isn’t really as clear as one might like. While it may seem natural to brush once in the morning and once at night, there are some things to consider. After certain drinks or foods, it is more beneficial to wait at least 30 minutes before brushing. Sodas, coffee, tea and wine are acidic, as are lemons and many other foods.
Waiting just 30 minutes to brush will protect the teeth from the acid damaging the tooth surface. But what to do if you can’t wait?
While it is very important to brush before bed so that the food does not sit on the surface of the teeth to cause them overnight. So, what to do? Well if you have a late meal, you can counter the acid on the teeth by drinking milk or eating cheese. Even a drink of water before brushing will help clean off the acid and allow a better environment for brushing. The same is true in the morning. If you want to brush after a cup of your morning coffee, either wait, or pre-rinse with some water first.
If you have additional questions about the best time to brush, we would love to discuss this at your next appointment with Alameda Dental Care. Give us a call to schedule today.

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