Invisalign – A Simple Cosmetic Way To Get Straight Teeth

Straight Teeth and a Smile Looks Great on Everyone

Having a healthy, straight white smile is nice. Being able to smile at people as you walk through a store or smile at an interview, without embarrassment are two reasons why having straight teeth is favorable. But did you know crooked teeth can also lead to serious health problems.

Straight Teeth Equal Healthier Teeth

Current research shows straight teeth are important for our mouths to function properly. Straight teeth have fewer cavities and the gum tissue is overall healthier.
Over time, our teeth can shift and move. When this happens, plaque traps are created. These areas are difficult to clean and often result in dental disease.

Keep Your Teeth Straight & Healthy with Invisalign

The Invisalign® process gives people a pain free way to obtain straight, healthy teeth.
Invisalign® technology is practically invisible. Invisalign® plastic aligners are manufactured by a computer with great precision. In some cases, they move teeth as efficiently as conventional braces. They take only half the time, or even less. Average treatment time is around twelve months, or even six month in some cases.

Is Invisalign® The Best Choice for You?

If you want a great smile with beautiful straight and nicely aligned teeth but not sure if Invisalign® is the best option for you, don’t worry. Call us today at 480-447-1906 to schedule your free consultation with Dr. Nelson.

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