Are Veneers Right for Me?

There are a number of reasons why porcelain veneers are placed for patients. Porcelain veneers are a small, thin restoration fabricated in a dental lab by skilled technicians. Veneer are most often used to correct slight mis-alignments of front teeth, restore mild to moderately chipped front teeth and cover discolored teeth. Veneer usually cover only 3/4 of the tooth structure. They are bonded to the teeth with tooth colored cements. They are very durable and because they are made of all porcelain they appear very natural.

What Should I Expect When I Have my Veneer Done?

Veneer is a very meticulous process that requires an artistic eye, a skilled dentist and highly trained lab technician. Typically veneers take a minimum of three visits. The first appointment is to gather preliminary records and photographs. This is the time to discuss with your dentist your expectations. This is an important appointment to communicate openly with your dentist so he has an opportunity to advise you if your desires are not going to be realized with veneer. You may have to consider another option because our doctors want you to be happy with your smile results. If veneers are your best option, the lab will construct a model of your new smile. This model is made of wax and will be used to make your temporary veneers.

At your second appointment, the teeth are very reshaped for the porcelain veneer. Your dental team will gather impressions and other records for the laboratory. Finally, your dentist will construct temporary veneers for you to wear while your case is being completed. Some sensitivity is normal during this time.

Your third appointment is when the dentist will cement the porcelain veneers and make final adjustments. If your veneers are not fitting properly your dentist might have to send the case back to the lab for adjustments. Finally, after the veneers are cemented, it is best to have an impression taken for a custom occlusal guard to wear while you sleep. Most people do grind their teeth at some point while sleeping and this could damage your new veneers.

It is best to allow for at least six weeks for your veneer case to be completed. So, if you have a special event be sure to plan ahead and be patient during the process. At Alameda Dental Care it is our desire to provide the best cosmetic results for you and often this takes time.

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